MANAS- मनस

Mental Awareness, Network And Support

MANAS’s aim is to develop mental awareness amongst the Indian community in City of Whittlesea and provide support in the form of support groups, relevant brochures on mental awareness and provide support services including medical and social services available within the community.

Rather than reactive, this project will take a proactive approach by creating awareness, and helping the individuals and their families.

Expected outcome of this project:

  1. To create an environment where individuals in the Indian community feel safe and free,and not hesitate to talk about their mental illness.
  2. To work with the local community in the City of Whittlesea to create a communal harmony of health and well being and enhance mental wellness.
  3. Provide help and direction for guiding for complex mental health system for clinical, and for psychosocial recovery enabling sustainability and effective implementation.

This project will conduct:

  1. Regular workshops and education sessions
  2. Support groups
  3. Information dessemination on the clinical and pyschosocial services available within city of whittlesea.